About Us

Prestige Restoration of Bergen County serves Bergen County, Hudson County, Essex County, Passaic County, and Morris County in remodeling, reconstruction, and all of the necessary steps you have to take after a disaster occurs. With 24 years of experience we offer services in restoration, remediation, clean up, repair, and renovation. We have seen and assisted with fires, floods, mold, and other unfortunate events. Knowing how stressful, saddening, and even devastating such disasters can be, we have made our services easy to use, our experts easy to work with, and have made sure all of the important information you need is easily accessible.

The job of Prestige Restoration is to clean up the mess created and also to preserve and protect the dwelling and its contents. Prestige Restoration will preserve and prevent any other further damage.

Prestige Restoration is not only worried about getting the job done. Prestige Restoration of Northern New Jersey and Lower Manhattan is also concerned about educating the public as well as building trust and confidence with our new and existing clientele.

The step by step process following a major catastrophe:

1- Call your insurance agent and provider

2- The insurance agent / provider will typically provide you with information about certain restoration companies.

They are familiar with the companies surrounding your community. Please do not forget that the restoration company hired to do the job works for you, not the insurance company. You are not obligated to use the restoration company referred by your agent / provider. You have the option of hiring one yourself, but please make sure to do so in a speedy fashion. Many catastrophes are time sensitive and the quicker you act, the more damage can be prevented.

3- Make sure you understand your policy. Ask your insurance representative and claims adjuster any questions and concerns hat you may have. Go through the whole policy and understand it inside and out.

4- Walk through the scene with your Restoration Company and discuss the areas that need to be cleaned thoroughly.

5- The insurance representative or claims adjuster may recommend what services are needed from the restoration company, but please do not forget that it is ultimately your home and your decision to make.

6- Take as many photos as possible of anything damaged and the area that needs to be cleaned for evidence.

7- After the restoration company provides and estimate regarding the equipment and work needed, make sure to review the contract. The contract should state all the work the Restoration company should do and also do not forget to receive the documentation from the restoration company showing completion of their job. Note that after signing the contract, you are the one responsible for paying the restoration company, not your insurance company.