Biohazardous Material Clean-Up in Northern New Jersey

biohazard cleanup

Biohazardous material can be a fatal and long term danger to people and the environment. Prestige Restoration of Bergen County has experts who have 24 years experience in hazardous waste removal. Serving Bergen County, Hudson County, Essex County, Passaic County, and Morris County, we understand how crucial it is to properly dispose of such materials and we know risks and outcomes of biohazardous waste that is not disposed of correctly. The dangers of disposing such materials unprofessionally and unsafely cannot be reversed, therefore it is important to let experts like us handle such unsafe materials. We carefully label all materials, we use protective gear including gloves, goggles, suits, air chambers and even tents. And we use proper disposal containers, bins, barrels, and bags to make sure we stay organized when handling materials. Prestige Restoration understands how important it is to handle all biohazardous materials with caution, as most situations can be fatal if approached or handled incorrectly it should be left to us professionals to get the job done right and to prevent further spread or risk of damage from biohazardous material.

biohazard tent

We remove all biohazardous materials from microscopic pathogens to physical items such as toxic chemicals and bodily fluids. Utilizing the most advanced and reliable machinery and chemicals Prestige Restoration can clean up any biohazardous material such as quarantining and removing bacteria, viruses and infections disease like traces of blood pathogens and even Ebola. We will also clean and decontaminate any area that has been affected by biohazardous materials.

hazmat suit

Our services also include the removal and sanitation of blood and body fluid, medical waste removal, advanced odor treatments, gross filth clean up, virus and infectious disease prevention, containment and removal. We also remove common household items such as oil, paints, and pesticides.

Call our 24 hour emergency phone service, we can provide you with approximate estimates and advice on your unique situations. We offer a 24 hour turnaround time on all estimates and all insurances are accepted. Let our experts properly remove biohazardous material for you; we want our customers to be safe, happy and stress free!