Englewood Sewage Backup and Cleanup

Prestige Restoration of Englewood, New Jersey has over 24 years of experience under our belt in handling sewage backups and clean ups. Located in Bergen County, Prestige Restoration of Englewood, New Jersey will clean up both big and small messes and sanitize the toxic area. Prestige Restoration of Englewood, New Jersey, knows that disasters happen spontaneously, so our sewage and clean up team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is essential to properly get rid of sewage backups and hazardous materials. Taking care of these contaminates incorrectly can cause fatal effects for our Englewood residents. That is why our sewage backup team and cleanup crew are properly trained to handle hazardous materials and dispose of them, as well as sanitize the area, in a speedy and efficient manner. Prestige Restoration of Englewood, New Jersey, will also deodorize the scene as well as eliminate all harmful microscopic pathogens.

Sewage Backups are labeled under Category three. A Category three scene is considered to be grossly unsanitary. A Category three sewage backup may cause severe illness and up to death if consumed. Also known as Black Water, Black water needs to be removed instantaneously or many more treacherous pathogens can form. After the still water (unmoving water) is removed, dry the affected area quickly. Drying the affected area can minimize the spread of bacteria and mold. Remove all contents damaged and clean all contaminated material using proper procedure. Do not forget to clean and sanitize the air conditioning, heating unit, and ductwork in your Englewood homes as well. Many people forget about this step. Prestige Restoration of Englewood, New Jersey holds all the experience, knowledge, and equipment required to assist our Englewood residents with sewage backup and clean up jobs.

Lastly our sewage backup and cleanup crew would like to give our Englewood family four basic principles:
1) Eliminate excess
2) Evaporate area with moving air
3) Dehumidify and decontaminate
4) Control Temperature