Fire Restoration Services in Northern New Jersey

fire restoration

Have a professional from Prestige Restoration of Bergen County handle the process of fire resoration and smoke damage.Homeowners and business owners can be devastated and shocked in the unfortunate event of a fire. Fires can happen at any time and can spread instantly and rapidly in a blink of an eye. Not only can fire destroy properties, it has the potential to destroy invaluable items and tear apart families as well. Prestige Restoration can assist with all of your fire restorationmatter. With 24 years of Fire Restoration experience, we are here to deal with the aftermath of such horrid events. Fires are instant, and so are our services regarding fire and smoke restoration. We will promptly assist you when the phone rings and we offer a 24 hour max turn around time for estimates while accepting all insurances. Our green cleaning capability, disaster cleanup, and full renovation is performed by our certified fire restoration professionals to help you get through the most difficult times. Our fire restoration professionals will help you deal with all the losses and stress that comes with firedamage.

The first process of fire restoration in such an event is to clean up and organize as much of the existing area as possible. If the area is not treated and cleaned properly, soot residue and permament damage to the dwelling can be left behind.During fire restoration, open the area up as much as possible for proper ventilation. If immediate clean up after a fireis not done, it can lead to even more devastating effects. Without fire restoration done properly, many items taken by thefire will discolor to a yellow hue, acid will stain the house, walls will discolor permanently, and items will begn to rustdue to the acidic residue left behind. The cost of fire restoration will significantly increase as well if the property isleft to sit. For these reasons (and many more), it is imperative to call a fire restoration professional as soon as to handle the damage and after effects.

Some tips that our fire restoration professionals say are too:
-Only go back into your house if the fire department says it is safe
-Keep a close eye on the area the fire started, sometimes fires can start again even after they are put out
-Contact your insurance provider immediately
-If you are asked to leave your home, call fire restoration professionals to investigate the property
-Close off any open areas if necessary to prevent looting and further damage caused by the fire
-Start thinking of all of the items you lost so you can submit the list for a compensation estimate
-Call our fire restoration professionals to get a quick estimate on how much it will cost to clean and
restore the affected area