Mold Restoration

Why is mold remediation important? Depending on the level of infestation, the structure of the actual building can be in danger. Not only is the property in danger, the mold can have a negative effect on the health of the people near it constantly.

Mold forms when there is too much humidity and/or moisture inside a certain place for a certain amount of time. This can be caused by untreated water leaks or improper plumbing or just straight up humidity and moisture. Mold is able to grow virtually anywhere as long as the conditions are right. When visible, that is the most dangerous because now there is much concern on how much mold is forming on the inside, the non visible part.
Our mold remediation experts have the ability to identify the moisture sources. Our mold remediation experts can evaluate the growth and contain the damage. Mold remediation also includes physically removing the contaminated areas and ensuring to replace the wet materials with dry ones to make sure the mold will not return. Our mold remediation team will contain and remove the mold that is damaging to not only your dwelling, but your health as well.

One myth out there is that bleach will kill the mold. Bleach alone cannot kill mold. Our mold remediation experts are equipped with the tools and chemicals needed to make sure that the mold is destroyed and removed. Our mold remediation experts will also identify the moisture problems that led to growth of mold. Our mold remediation experts will locate and correct and control the previous moisture problems.