Water Restoration Clean-Up Services in Northern New Jersey

Ground level floors, basements, and garages are vulnerable to flooding. Prestige Restoration of Bergen County will help you dry up all your problems. Water damage can be permanent if not tended to right away; it can cause weak points and decay in your floors and homes foundation, excessive water and flooding if in contact with electricity can cause fires and electrical shortages, and worst of all, flood damage causes mold. When it comes to mold, our mold remediation experts will evaluate the severity of mold damage, inspect all suspected areas, and devise the most appropriate plan to fit your moldy situation. From mold removal to damaged property clean-up and restoration, Prestige Restoration of Bergen County will assist you with all your remodeling needs.

water damage

Water damage can become a burden. Our professionals will evaluate your water damage, and can remove and drain water with our professional equipment. In the event of an emergency, our 24 hour response service will answer to your calls right away- no answering machines, no waiting. No matter the severity of the damage we accept all insurances and have a 24 hour max turnaround time for estimates. With 24 years experience, Prestige Restoration of Bergen County serves Bergen County, Hudson County, Essex County, Passaic County, and Morris County. We will fix, clean-up, rebuild, and restore all of your damaged property. With us, worrying about a reliable company is the least of your problems, call us today!

Things you should know about floods and mold:
-In the event of a flood be sure to remove all of your furniture from your home prior to cleaning it out, especially things that do not have any damage
-Dry all of your things as soon as possible, it only takes a day or two for mold to start forming
-Removing wet carpets is a necessity because the matting beneath them will take too long to dry and mold will quickly grow and begin to smell and spread. We offer services in removing unwanted smells in your home from things such as mold
-Mold is not just a burden to your home but also to your health. Breathing in mold spores can cause dizziness, flu like symptoms, colds, chest pain, and worst of all by breathing in mold for a long period of time it can begin to grow inside you and spread all kinds of infections through your body. Some molds are even more fatal and toxic than others and can do severe bodily damage.

There are three categories decribing the type of liquids involved in water restoration.
– Category 1: Liquid from a clean and sanitary source. Some examples of liquid from a clean and sanitary source that requires the services of water restoration are liquids from faucets, toilets and drinking fountains.
– Category 2: Water restoration that requires dealing with grey water – grey water contains a level of contaminants that may cause illness or discomfort if ingested. Some examples of sources that require water restoration in category 2 are dishwashers
or washing machines overflowing; flush from sink drain, toilets overflows with some urine but no feces.
– Category 3: Water restoration required in category three are for grossly unsanitary liquids that may cause severe ilnesses or death if ingested. These liquids are also known as Black Water. Some examples of Black water that require immediate water restoration services are sewer backups, flood from a river or a stream, or a toilet overflowing with feces. Category three requires IMMEDIATE attention.

Water restoration is important to take care of as soon as possible becaues the longer the contaminated liquid sits, the more likely it is to cause extra damages to the dwelling and one’s health. Time is a sensitive factor in dealing with contaminated water. Lucky for you, our professionals have the experience and knowledge to take care of all water restoration related problems.

When it comes to floods and mold, leave it to our experts to clean up the job the right way. We don’t miss a thing, before returning to your home we will make sure all areas are mold and water free. Give us a call today for an estimate!